Module 5: Using pictures to explore hopes and dreams

How a picture library can be used

A picture library, such as the Picture My Future Library, is an important resource when using the Picture My Future approach. It can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • prompting discussions supported by pictures when the person has collected few or no pictures themselves
  • prompting the person to think of other hopes and dreams they may have forgotten during the picture collection period.
  • Prompting the person to consider goals in each of the quality of life domains.

It is not essential that a person has goals aligned with each of the quality of life domains, however, using a picture library can help ensure that they have at least considered whether they want to include goals from each domain.

It is recommended that a picture library be used with all people participating in the Picture My Future approach, regardless of the number of pictures they bring to report on. Typically, a picture library will stimulate some new discussion and some new goals will emerge from this discussion.

The Picture My Future Library has been developed using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a guide. For further information about it, see the Guide to using the Picture My future Library.

Ethical considerations
  • Remember that the images collected belong to the person and are private. It is up to them to decide who should see them.
  • Consider where and how the images should be stored and who can have access to them.

Self-reflection task

  • Consider why a person may not bring any pictures to a Picture My Future meeting. How might this be addressed?