Module 4: Picture My Future – a guide

Preparation: Identifying the people to be involved

The Picture My Future process should be used as part of the preparation for developing an individualised plan. The process relies on the assistance and mentoring of one or several Support Persons. The Support Person(s) can be a family member, friend, or support worker.

Preparation steps

Identify and involve the Support Person
  • Identify a suitable person to act as a key facilitator for the Picture My Future process with the person with disability. This person is called the Support Person. Ideally, the Support Person is someone who knows the participant well, so the participant should be involved in identifying him or her. Make sure the person is happy with the nomination.
  • For more information about this step, go to Factors to consider when nominating the Support Person
Provide the Support Person with a clear outline of how Picture My Future works
  • Because the Support Person will guide the participant through the Picture My Future process, he or she needs to know how to best support the person and how to facilitate the process. Provide the Support Person with a link to this website (or a hard copy) as well as the Toolkit. The Support Person should be encouraged to become acquainted with the content of this website to gain a good understanding of the process.
  • Check whether the Support Person requires technical training.
Does the person have access to a camera?
  • Check whether the participant has a camera and has experience taking photos.
  • Check whether there are barriers to the process (e.g. Can the person physically operate a camera?) and can they be removed or managed?
Support Person schedules the first meeting with the participant
  • Set up a feedback loop (e.g. weekly telephone contact with Support Person).
  • Make sure to ask the person who else, if anyone, they want to attend the first meeting (i.e. family members, friends and carers). These other people can be valuable supports to the person in the Picture My Future process.  However, it is important to consider the factors outlined in Factors to consider when nominating the Support Person.