Module 3: Where does Picture My Future fit in the planning process?

How Picture My Future can be used in an ongoing way

‘Planning is a continuous effort; what people want tomorrow is different from what they want today. Plans that don’t change, don’t get implemented; they gather dust on shelves.’ 

(Sanderson, H. and Smull, M. 2005. Essential Lifestyle Planning for Everyone. Helen Sanderson Associates, London.)

The process of individual planning is part of an ongoing process of capturing and reviewing what people want for their lives.  Change is a continuous part of life and so too plans should be continuously reviewed and updated.

The Picture My Future tool is a useful way to assist people with intellectual disability to explore and communicate what is important to them. As such, it is a valuable tool in the development, review and replacement of plans. It can be used during any stage in the planning process as well as for other purposes.

Self-reflection task:

  • Think about the pictures you would use to show what is important to you and what are your hopes for the future.