Module 1: Introduction to Picture My Future

What is Picture My Future?

Picture My Future, also known as Image-supported Goal Exploration, uses pictures to help people with disability to explore and express their hopes and dreams for the future. Importantly, people generate their own pictures to use as the basis of the conversation; through digital photography, or the selection of images from existing photo albums, the internet, books and magazines.  These might include pictures depicting people, places and things that they like or dislike in their lives, and the things that they would like to have and do in the future.

People with intellectual disability and other cognitive and communication impairments can find it difficult to organise and express their thoughts about their lives and the things they want for their future. As a consequence, some people with disability might find it difficult to fully engage with the planning process.

Picture My Future is an approach that can be used to support people with disability as they explore their goals for the future. Through Picture My Future, a person with disability is supported as they think about the people, places and things that they like and dislike in their lives, and explore the things that they would like to have and do in the future. This is done using images and objects that they have chosen to reflect these things.

The Picture My Future approach allows people with intellectual disability to take the time to think about the things that are important to them, and to organise their thoughts in a way that makes sense to them.

At the end of the process, a person with disability will have a resource that he or she has created that reflects his or her goals for the future. The person can then take this resource with them to their planning meeting, ensuring that his or her voice can be heard.