Module 4: Picture My Future – a guide

Meeting 3: Finalising the Picture My Future Resource

The third meeting allows the Support Person to work with the person to finalise their Picture My Future Resource and make sure that they are happy with it.

Work out with the person where and how the pictures are to be displayed.

  • Many people will prefer a photo album. However, some people may want to turn their pictures into a digital slideshow, make a poster or upload their images onto Facebook.
  • Each picture should be placed with the person’s description of it.  The two things are viewed together.  In most cases the Support Person will need to help the person with this.
  • Where there is a description that does not have a matching image place them throughout the document or offer to help the person locate an image that supports it.
  • No matter how people display their pictures, it is important that the pictures can be accessed and used in conversation during the planning process.
  • The ‘conversation’ and the ‘story’ that goes with the pictures is a vital component of the resource.

Remember that the images collected belong to the person and are private. It is up to the person to decide who should see them.

  • Check that the person is happy with their picture record and the things that it shows about them and their future!